Ever since we’d arrived Jack and I had been anxious to go rock-pooling but either the tide was in, it was too windy or we’d forgotten our nets! Anyway this morning we were determined to get started so headed for Widemouth.

We saw some surfers including a kite surfer bobbing about in the waves and I really felt like having a go myself, almost!

I was transported back to my childhood when Jack and I started dipping our nets in the many varied rock pools. Within half an hour we had found, a green crab, a shrimp, two fish and a periwinkle! Had to cut things short when Jack got water in his wellies and I put my unwellied foot in the middle of a small stream!

Jack’s solution was to take his socks and willies off and run about in his bare feet brrrrrr! I preferred just to squelch along back to the car and get changed there.

We then drove along the coast passing through St Issac and onto Wadebridge near Rock. The sky was so different here and the beach more sandy than rocky. We could see Padstow across the bay and for a moment contemplated taking a ferry across to have a closer look. Next time perhaps.

In the end we headed back to the cottage and enjoyed another family swim all by ourselves in the pool.