We can’t believe that our lovely holiday is almost over – the time has flown by and we’re sad to be going home.

To keep that holiday feeling last just a little bit longer we had an early morning swim and once again had the place to ourselves.

I must say it is genuinely one of the most relaxed breaks we’ve had. It’s a combination of  the stunning scenery and the reviving of childhood memories of similar pursuits that makes it feel so special. That plus the way in which the cottage that has been thoughtfully stocked with everything a family with children might need – down to the smallest detail.

I know this because Jack woke up one night with a bit of a temperature and I decide it would be best to give him some Calpol. I then realised I’d brought the bottle and not the measuring spoon so headed to the kitchen to find a way to measure the correct dose. I opened the kitchen drawer and there it was, looking up at me, the welcome sight a Calpol spoon nestling  amongst the teaspoons! Relived, I was able to confidently give Jack some medicine and head off to bed. As is often the case with children he has back on form the next morning, bright and too early!