Today we went to Tintagel to see the castle where King Arthur allegedly lived. Before starting the climb up  we stopped off at the beach to admire the foaming sea, peek in Merlin’s cave and look at a waterfall!

On top of the cliff we explored the remains of the castle which included a ladies garden, an alter and a fresh water well.

On the way down we stopped at the gift shop where Jack spent some of his holiday money on a Guinevere wooden sword! We then got the Land Rover ride back to the village and popped into the Malt Shovel public house – as you do – purely for maintaining our hydration levels following our exhausting drive back!

Back at the cottage after a activity bonanza of pool, table tennis and swimming we settled down for a well deserved cosy night in. I whipped a stir fry, mainly because I wanted to try the wok I’d found in the kitchen on the ceramic cooker! Worked like a dream! Glass of wine? Don’t mind if I do!